Period Furniture Designs Drafting Symbols

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Drafting symbols you will see on a set of plans

If you're new to reading and working from drawings and understanding drafting terminology, these drawings should give you a better understanding of what you're seeing on a set of plans.

Hatching denotes the end grain in a board.

Glue Pin Joinery

Side Panel & Face Frame Joined Together With a 3/8" Mortise & Tenon


Half Lap Mortise and Tenon


Mortise & Tenon Face Frames. The Dotted Line denotes hidden and can't be seen from the outside

Dado joinery shown vertical and horizonally



Sliding Dovetail joinery shown with completed and opened views


View showing 1/4" plywood back in a 1/4" x 3/8" rabbit

View showing 1/2" ship lapped boards for a back in a 1/2" x 3/8" rabbit



Line Types

TYP....Typical Dovetailed Drawer

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