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Measured Antique Plans For Beginner Woodworkers

Flat Creek Hanging Wall Cupboard

I found the Flat Creek Hanging Wall Cupboard over in the Flat Creek Community in an old corn shed. The original had butt joint joinery. The finish on it looked white on the inside and a dark red on the outside.


The Laruel Ridge Dowry Chest

Measures 22 3/4" high x 34 1/2" long with top and trim x 18" deep Circa mid 1800's
The origianl panels were made out of one single Cherry board.


I have many easy to build measured antiques for beginner woodworkers. I'll try to add one weekly if time permits me to do so. If you need any help with one of my designs don't hesitate to contact me.

Ladies Desk Chest


IA lady brought this small box to me and asked me to make her another one. She calls it her Ladies Desk Chest and said it has been in her family all of her life. I think maybe a period candle box is what it actually is. It's butt joint joinery with tiny nails. When I build hers I think I'll do a show and tell and change the joiner to half lap mortise and tenons.  The size is 12" long x 9" high and 8 3/4" wide. It was not paainted and looked like it had been built out of Chestnut. Full size templates.

II'll be adding more Beginner Plans when I open my new website in Jan. 2017
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