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Thank you for visiting my free furniture plans site

Please note 8/28/2015: The ones of you that visited my paying plans site have now been redrected to my new free plans site. After selling 1000's of plans on the internet to woodworkers all over the world since 1998 I feel like it's time for me to down size and give back with many more free plans than paying plans. I'll be taking my top 5 selling plans and continue to sell them on this site because of the time and expense it takes to print and mail them and the popularity of these plans. None of  the free plans on this site have ever been on my paying plans site.

The frustrations of dealing with PayPal and other credit card gateways is another reason I've decided to close my paying plans site. It had gotten to the point that it was no longer fun for me and was costing me way more than I was making plus it's very time consuming to print, roll and mail  plans everyday. Within the next week or so I'll have the top five paying plans on this site ready to purchase.
Payment for these plans will be by USPS money order only and no other method or money order. I would like to thank all of my paying woodworking plans friends and customers for purchasing my plans for 17 years, the enjoyable conversations some of us had and the many pictures of your projects you sent to me.

All the money proceeds from my paying plans will continue to be used to help support a children's orphange in a foreign country and you will continue to receive and invoice making a donation to the orphanage. 

These Furniture Plans are drawn in 2D CAD fully deminsioned for mortice & tenon and glue pin joinery.
They are designed with face frame constrution so that anyone not experienced enough yet in sliding dovetails can build a nice piece of furniture.
The plans are highly detailed and anything that needs to be full size will have a full size template.

All the pieces that I'm offering as free plans have been built in my workshop for clients over the last 30 years or more. We basically use these same plans in my shop to construct each piece except ours are less detailed construction plans with sliding dovetails and dadoes. If you so choose to change the construction to using sliding dovetails and dadoes it's very simple to do.

The plans sizes are 24" wide and 36" long. You can download the plans and carry them to a print shop and have them print them full size for you. Some of the stores such as Office Depot, Kinkos, architects, suveyors, etc can print the plans for you full size. I've not tried to print them out on a regualr printer to find out if they can be used on a smaller print out.

If you're unable to have the plans printed out full D size then I will print you a set at my cost and mail them to you. Please contact me if you need any help.

If you have any suggestion, comments or need help with a set of my plans please send me an email on my Contact Page. If you find anything wrong on my plans please contact me immediately if possible.

I get emails asking me why I don't have plans that are of the Asian influence, Studio, Mission and Arts & Crafts. I have an appreciation for those furniture styles but I'm not trained in Asian or Studio. I'm located in a resort area in the mountains of Georgia where Period, Primitive, Shaker, simple Chippendale, Rustic and Twig are the norm and that includes most of the kitchens we build.

Due to the difference in woodworking machines and measuring devices and how you build as a woodworker I'll not accept any responsibilty for any errors. If you see a dimension error on a set of these plans please make adjustments in your build and contact me with the error.  These plans are free for your enjoyment and I receive no payment for them.

Enjoy the plans but most of all enjoy the build.


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